This year was out 13th Annual Gasshuku where Sanguinetti Sensei comes to hone our skills and teach more new Matayoshi Kobudo. This year again he came with Gaines Sensei from the USA. In addition we were pleased to see Schüpany Sensei from Austria. 

The photos below are a pre Gasshuku trip to Raby Castle with Sensei Sanguinetti and Sensei Gaines.

Although the Gasshuku starts on the Friday for Instructors of the MKKI, below are the training for the Saturday which is from 10am to 4pm.

During the evening most, not students attend the Gasshuku meal. The evening went well and everyone enjoyed their food at Bella Italia in Darlington.

Sunday saw more training and for some who were ready a grading. So congratulations to the following students that passed:

Beckie Challans achieving 1st Kyu 
Rob Challans achieving 3rd Kyu
Ian Burnage achieving 7th Kyu
Jack Davison achieving 7th Kyu
Michael Dean achieving 7th Kyu
Mike Hadland achieving 8th Kyu