Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan Internaltional – German Branch First Gasshuku

On the 20th of April 2017, I travelled from Teesside to Nuremberg, Germany, via Amsterdam. I was attending the 1st Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International – German Branch Gasshuku. This event was hosted by Brüchner Sensei, and tuition given by our MKKI chief instructor Sanguinetti Sensei.  Accompanying Sanguinetti Sensei from the USA was Thomas Sensei, Gaines Sensei and Chrisan Sensei. I was looking forward to another MKKI Gasshuku.

Upon my arrival, I was kindly pick up from Nuremberg airport by Brüchner Sensei’s student, Fred Stelleng and his wife Doreen. They took me to my hotel, which was about 1 hours’ drive away from Nuremberg to Eschenbach where the Gasshuku was taking place.

That evening we met Sanguinetti Sensei and the other MKKI members for a sociable meal. Brüchner Sensei and his students made us all very welcome, and they were extremely hospitable; a nice evening was had by all re-establishing with Sanguinetti Sensei and Senseis Thomas, Gaines and Chrisan, and meeting new MKKI family.

The next day, Friday, we were all picked up at our hotel and was taken to a traditional German Breakfast. Again, this event was an experience to me, having traditional sausage and bread, along with some lovely local German beer. Then in the afternoon a party of us went to climb a volcanic hill where a tower was built to view the amazing scenery around Eschenbach.

The Gasshuku was then officially started on the evening at 6.00 pm, meeting all the participants coming from different parts of USA, Germany, Austria and the UK. We covered the weapons of Bo and Sai. Straight after our training we went to the sport complex restaurant and I had some lovely Greek food.

Saturday’s training started at 10 am going over what Sanguinetti had shown us on the Friday night, but expending on the techniques and the Bunkai. The seniors of the MKKI helped our Germany family where we could, it was another successful day finishing at 4 pm. That evening around 20 of the participants went for the meal, where again I had a local dish, pork schnitzel and some local beer. We arrived back at our hotel around 11 pm that night. It was time to get our heads down as Sunday’s training started at 9.00 am.

Again, we were picked up at our hotel, by Brüchner Sensei, Werner (Brüchner Sensei’s dad), and Edwald Ploößner San. I’m truly grateful as they chauffeured us all to and from every event. Today, was spent on training in Bo, Sai and Tunkua. At lunch time, I had the privilege to train in Sai with Thomas Sensei, Gaines Sensei, Chrisan Sensei covering all the Sai kata from Nichou Sai through to Shinbaru No Sai. The afternoon was set aside for Brüchner Sensei and his students grading. However, as Sanguinetti Sensei states “Grading is just another day of training” so all participants joined in. The day ended with the presentation of the results from the grading; and I would like to congratulate Brüchner Sensei for passing his Shodan, and to his students that got their grades. It was the climatic end to a great Gasshuku weekend, closing around 6.30 pm. The weekend as always flashed by!

We were taken back to our hotel for a quick shower and a turnaround for a nice Chinese meal, starting at 7.30 pm. Again, a great night was had by all and we were eventually prized out of the restaurant around 10.30 pm; being the last in there! We said our farewells to some great students and MKKI family members, and was taken back to the hotel. My flight was leaving at 10 am on Monday morning so it was an early start back for me.

Werner, Brüchner Sensei’s dad, picked me up from my hotel at 6.15 am for the trip back to Nuremberg airport. We were hoping not to get stuck in the early morning rush hour as the German working day starts at 7 am. We made the airport in plenty of time and Werner kindly stayed with me to help pass the time. Soon I had to board for my travel back to Teesside, via Amsterdam, landing at 4.30 pm on Monday afternoon.

It was a great Gasshuku, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. I like to say Arigatou Gozaimasu (Thank You) to all and hopefully we will meet and train again in future.

More photo's of this event can be seen on the Gallery page.