Seminar in February 2013

Sensei Fred Bateman gave the first Annual Seminar on the 9th Feb. He covered Bo and Sai in the main, but also touched on some Tunkua. He started with Bo no Hojo Undo Dai Ichi, then Dai Ni. The Bunkai to this was covered extensively. After a short water break Sai No Hojo Undo and the associated Bunkai was practised. He explained the fighting distance between Bo and Sai and the subtle movement to deflect the energy of the in coming weapon. Just before Kumite Sensei Bateman covered 4 Tunkua techniques and the Bunkai to these. Then to finish the day the Students, including Sensei Bateman participated in Kumite. This was carried out on various weapons of the students choosing, so it could have been Bo vs Bo, or sai or Tunkua. Care had to be maintained during this period as Sensei Bateman demonstrated. All the participants enjoyed this section of the day and said that it focused the varies aspects of each weapon.

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Sensei Fred Bateman

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