The Kodokan.

Matayoshi Family’s dojo in Okinawa Japan …


The Kodokan

The Kodokan is the name of Matayoshi Shinpo’s dojo in Naha, Okinawa. This famous dojo all started back in 1960 when Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei returned to Okinawa (see History page) and began to teach the system his father had taught him. Matayoshi Sensei started this in various other karate Sensei’s dojos, until he established his own. To honour his father, he called this dojo the “Kodokan”, where the kanji for “Ko” was based on the kanji in his father’s name “Shinko”. Thus the translation of “Kodokan” is the “Hall of the Enlightened Way”.

Once the Kodokan was established, Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei contacted all other kobudo instructors and students to unit into an association. This he did in 1972 and the association became the “Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei” (All Okinawa Kobudo Federation).

Sanguinetti Sensei receiving his Menko From Matayoshi Sensei

The Kodokan was where Sanguinetti Sensei trained for many years starting back in 1982. Due to his promise to his Sensei, Matayoshi Shinpo, Sanguinetti Sensei has spent over 35 years representing and promoting the Matayoshi Family, and their Kobudo throughout the world. Even to this day he goes back to Okinawa every year to train in the Matayoshi Kobudo system with eminent Matayoshi Kobudo Sensei. Furthermore, he takes many of the MKKI students with him to gain valuable Kobudo training and cultural experience. This is one of the benefits of being a part of the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International Organisation (MKKI).

The Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International – UK Branch is privileged and proud to be apart of this prestigious worldwide MKKI organisation. Through our affiliation to Franco Sanguinetti Sensei, 8th Dan, enables us to gain the correct training that Sanguinetti Sensei promised to his Sensei, Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei.

Information and photos courtesy of Sanguinetti Sensei