MKKI – UK Branch Testing Results during a Gasshuku

Results below are students that have graded during a recent Gasshuku by Sanguinetti Sensei. Congratulations to all that have passed their Test:

During 2018 Gasshuku

Date Name Rank
2nd September 2018 Beckie Challans I Kyu
2nd September 2018 Rob Challans San Kyu
2nd September 2018 Ian Burnage Nanna Kyu
2nd September 2018 Michael Dean Nanna Kyu
2nd September 2018 Jake Davison Nanna Kyu
2nd September 2018 Mike Hadland Hachi Kyu

During 2017 Gasshuku

Date Name Rank
3rd September 2017 Michael Dent I Kyu
3rd September 2017 Beckie Challans Ni Kyu
3rd September 2017 Rob Challans Go Kyu
3rd September 2017 Mathew Pious Nanna Kyu
3rd September 2017 Luke Owen Roku Kyu
3rd September 2017 Ian Burnage Hachi Kyu

During 2016 Gasshuku

Date Name Rank
4th September 2016 Marc Faux Shodan
4th September 2016 Michael Dent Ni Kyu
4th September 2016 Beckie Challans San Kyu
4th September 2016 Philip Barwick Yon Kyu
4th September 2016 Rob Challans Nana Kyu
4th September 2016 Luke Owen Nana Kyu

During 2015 Gasshuku

Date Name Rank
6th September 2015 Fred Bateman Sandan
6th September 2015 Marc Faux I Kyu
6th September 2015 Michael Dent San Kyu
6th September 2015 Beckie Challans Yon Kyu
6th September 2015 Philip Barwick Go Kyu
6th September 2015 Rob Challans Hachi Kyu
6th September 2015 Luke Owen Hachi Kyu


During 2014 Gasshuku

Date Name Rank
7th September 2014 Yuraima Borrero Shodan
7th September 2014 Marc Faux Ni Kyu
7th September 2014 Michael Dent Yon Kyu
7th September 2014 Gisela Duran Yon Kyu
7th September 2014 Beckie Challans Go Kyu
7th September 2014 Philip Barwick Roku Kyu