Nunti Bo – Fifth Weapon of Matayoshi Kobudo

Below is the sixth article that was published in the MAI magazine about Matyoshi Kobudo. I would also like to thank Sanguinetti Sensei in his assistance and advice in the writing of the article. Introduction This is the fifth weapon in the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan syllabus and the reason for this becomes clear when you start […]

Tunkua – Third Weapon of Matayoshi Kobudo

The 4th article was published on the Tunkua – side handle batton. Introduction In our Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International (M.K.K.I.) budo organization this weapon is known as Tunkua, but it is also commonly known as Tonfa (or Tunfa). However there are old documents that mention this weapon as Tuifa. The Tunkua is a side handle […]

Bo – Principal Weapon of Matayoshi Kobudo

Below is the 2nd article of seven which was written by Bateman Sensei and published in the magazine Martial Arts Illustrated. Introduction I have had many discussions with various martial artists why we need to study weapons, especially the old traditional weapons of Kobudo. My answer is simply this- These weapons have come from every day […]