Links to other sites

Links to other websites

Welcome to our links page. Below are some links to sites that are related to martial arts, and related resources or interests. If you would like us to consider adding a reciprocal link to these pages, please email us with your details on

However, due to the proliferation of martial arts web sites and the dubious lineage of the martial arts content shown on some of these, we reserve the right to be selective as to what we feel to be appropriate. Any links on these pages are added on the understanding that the link will be a reciprocal arrangement.

Kobudo & Karate Related Sites

Bushikan Budo Kyokai Link to Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International. Sanguinetti Sensei’s web site giving details of Okinawa Kobudo related to the Kodokan, Japan, and Goju Ryu Karate
Kodokan Martial Arts Link to Kodokan Martial Arts. Details of Anshin Ryu & Matayoshi Kobudo.
The Karate Blog A blog on all subjects of Karate. Expand your knowledge from the related articles on this karate blog site.

Related Resources and Sites of Interest

Amazon UK This is a link to Amazon UK for Sensei Bateman’s books on Anshin Ryu Karate-Do
Barrington Swords Site of authentic, good quality iaito swords and collectable’s.